Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I know I know I was going away but my drabble muse got tuned up. please still read the following one and someone answer my question. Thanks

TITLE: EGG CHALLENGE (Criminal Intent 100)
FLAVOR: Criminal Intent
RATING: M (language)

Bobby sat across the booth from Logan. Both having emptied nearly two pitchers of beer.

Bobby took a sip, “Aw, hell Mike, what the fuck are you gonna do in Key West?”


“In fuckin’ Florida, who do you know in Florida?”

“You can come visit me.”

“I hate the the fuckin’ beach. You’re gonna be bored outta your mind.”

“Nah, I sold my apartment got my retirement checks rolling it all into U.S. Treasury Bonds. I get free livin’ space and an expense account, a nice car and seven deputies out over the Keys. Five-ten years I’ll retire...HEY!" his palm slammed onto the table, "When you're ready to retire or just had enough of the damn politics, sell your apartment, gather your retirement and come on down. We’ll open a bar together.”

Bobby blinked at him, “Mike, you got New York bred into you just like me. How ya gonna leave it behind.”

'Fuckin' freeze my balls off in the winter and fry a goddam egg on the sidewalk in the summer.”

“In Key West we’ll have tropical breezes...”

“Fuckin’ hurricanes...’

Deep sea fishin’...”

“Fuckin’ sharks...”

“Sunny weather...”

“Fuckin' sun burn, sun poison...”

“Damn it to hell, Bobby.”


“Women in bikinis”


“Women in little bitty bikinis.”


“Hot women in little bitty bikinis.”


“Horny hot women in little bitty bikinis.”

Before Bobby could think of another negative, “There we’ll be, two big studly retired New York cops, serving drinks by day, satisfying the horny hot women minus the bikinis at night.”

“So,” he gave him the classic Logan look, “had a better offer?”

“Aw Mike.”

They struggled out of the booth and lurched into the street. Mike put his arm around Bobby's shoulders, “So, see you on your next vacation.”

“Aw Mike.”

“Just think, Logan and Goren...together again.”


Eliza said...

I enjoyed the fic..and I could see Bobby and Mike chasing girls together..although obviously Bobby would have more success :-D

But I don't get what question you want answered?

val said...

You do like to take a different spin on things, it's refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Bobby wouldn't have to chase me very far, on account of I wouldn't be trying to go anywhere, except all over him....