Sunday, May 31, 2009


And so I am back and I had to work five straight nights in a row took a couple of days to recover. Am still going through my photos from Italy, will post when I get them figured out. MEANWHILE back to Bobby. I finished the first half of PLAYING DEAD on the plane rides across the Atlantic and am now working on the last half.

Just finished the 17th scene and am posting it here since this is all I'm working on and my blog has been neglected. I love this scene, Bobby's protectiveness, his vulnerability. Again causing himself pain to connect with a victim. Enjoy.

BY THE BY Mr. Wolf, since my disclaimer is over on LJ, I know they belong to you. Am only sharing the words and caps with others who love your guys. No profits had here.



Nurse, "Dr. Lansing, our attending psychiatrist, wants to stop by when you feel you're ready."

Stacy, "He needn't bother."

Nurse, "You're on suicide watch until he approves your release."

Stacy, "I'm in no hurry to leave."

Bobby, "The information you gave us about Rick was very helpful."

Stacy, "I'm glad someone was helped."

Bobby, "I was wondering if you're feeling well enough..."

" look at some photos?"

"If you see the man that you described,"

"...just tell me."

Stacy, "Do we know why he shot Rick."

"No, we don't know that yet."

Bobby notices Stacy's HR and BP rising and turns to see the Councilman coming into the room.

"We just need a few more minutes ."

Councilman, "She needs her rest."

"Maybe you could just go......back over there."

Stacy, "I'm fine."

Stacy, "Actually, I don't think I'm ready to do something like this."

"It's okay."

"You've been through a lot."

"I understand."

"It must've been tough,"

"...being in that situation back at home."

"You don't know anything about that."

"That's not true."

"I came from......a bad home."

"You said when bad thing are happening."

"You need to......take yourself away to another place"

"And that's what I used to do I used to just want to lift myself up,"

"...and take myself to another place,"

"So, I could see things from somewhere else."

Stacy, "Maybe it was just the crack."

"I think we both know that that's not true."

Stacy, "I know what you're're wrong."


Friday, May 15, 2009


Well I finally figured out a way to send my blogging through to my husband and hopefully it will be posted okay on blogger.

We flew into Rome after a stopover in Amsterdam, no I did not partake of the legal drugs or legal prostitution. My sister rented a car in Rome and we drove up to Tuscany. The landscape reminds me of Tennessee, only sheep and pigs instead of cows and horses and strange trees. And of course the occasional crumbling fortress in the distance. And no roadside animals like rabbits or deer.

We spent two days in Florence, Here's a couple of pictures not shown when I visited before. Would like to have shot DAVID but they are relentless on watching to be sure no pictures are taken inside.

Copy of David outside the museum.

A cathedral too large to fit in one picture.

Then we went to Assisi. Don't know if I could live there. Everything is at a 45 degree angle. Walking the streets are a killer. We started at St. Assisi the climbed up to the Temple of Minerva built during the time of Christ, now a Christian Church half way through town. Everything is covered in gold inside. And on each side of the altar remain the drains for the blood of human sacrifices 2000 years ago.

Coming to the City of Assisi looking up

The Church

The Temple

The Drain for blood sealed with concrete.

The altar.

The fortress at the top of the city. I was not up to making the walk upwards any further so this shot is as close as I got.

Assisi is a monastery with only men residing, so looking down from the city is a Cathedral or not being Catholic maybe called a nunnery, where there are only women.

And just a shot of the grade of the road in this city up up up or down down down.

Now, we are traveling to Rome, but have stopped at a nice rustic inn for the afternoon and night. With the aid of my sister's little AT&T plugin for satellite connection I'll try to blog and write a bit, hopefully. Thinking of you all, some a lot closer--just a country or two away and a Channel instead of an ocean.

Will try to drop another blog after we leave Rome for Capri.