Thursday, June 26, 2008

Betrayed, what the hell is going on?

Have the directors & editors of law & Order Criminal Intent gone insane. What the hell is the deal with having people...MANY MANY people walk between the main characters acting and the camera? Is this suppose to be reality? How do we see actor ACTING they are blocked by rushing people? It is also extremely distracting. Does no one sit at their desk and work at the Major Case Squad? This was ridiculous.

Don't believe me, well take a look. It pissed me off enough that I capped most of them. Not including where the director put the actors behind Poles and Walls out of sight speaking. When you have actors like Vincent who actually can act with his face as can Kate and Eric this is an insult to them and a dis-service to us. Mr. Wolf whoever decided to do this, needs to be spanked.

Take a look, I did not clean them up or brighten them, why bother, feel free to steal any of them. I have already deleted this trash and have gone back to trying to cap Betrayed. Hard to do for much of the dialogue due to this crap. I CAPPED 45 JUST DURING THE MCS SCENES.


Please don't do this anymore.

Sunday, June 8, 2008


This is another movie about how stupid we women are written & directed by a man. That we would rather take back an ex. who cheats on us, complained about having to pay for it. tried to marry us off so he can buy into a bowling alley and then moved in with another woman, then wants us back AFTER a man who would treat us like a queen falls in love with us; What do we choose we choose the ex pipsqueak LOSER over the handsome gentle hunk & we go (OUTRAGE). What's wrong with these writers? Okay, Okay I know, I know...I said I know! I AM prejudice in Vincent's favor but PLEEEEZ ladies. Tell me you'd look up into those big chocolate eyes and tell him you didn't love him. And say take me, take me now.