Friday, March 12, 2010


This may not get out as internet connection is sketchy at best. I have heard myself called a cold-hearted bitch since my attitude is not horrified by what we have in Chile. I can tell you what they don't have. Kids losing limbs with gangrene since it took three weeks to get them. All buildings demolished. Chile has an earthquake building code since we get them nearly everyday. They don't have dump trucks filled with the dead heading to mass graves. It's rough here. Today we move to the coast with the tsunami damages.

I was asked about any problems with my yellow fever vaccine--I had flu-like symptoms fever aching muscles and a hard knot at the injection site that is still there.

No word on how much longer here.

Got bit by a green lizard on my arm. Have to take antibiotics. Try to read your blogs when internet works.

All of you take care. Hope to be home soon. Pray for no serious earthquakes causing another tsunami since we'll be on the coast.

One good thing their bitch of a president doesn't want us here any longer than necessary maybe she'll send us home.

For LOCI Fans--our Bobby does love fire.

And Alex finds him amusing:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Here I am in Santiago, Chile compared to Haiti its a resort. Lots of devastation and injured but big machinery already clearing and building being shored up, One hospital olasped the other is okay. Midnight at home 2 am right now just off shift so 12 hours before I go back sgain.
Thought I'd do triage. But Dr wright discovered I'd been a closer for Dr. Mac and since his has gotten pregnant I have been promoted (so they say)
Portable buildings set up. In surgery 6 hours after set up. Feet hurt.

Had to get the yellow fever booster as mine is up in three months to be safe. Still on the malaria pills for a week then can stop.

Told to watch out for lizards. Lots of lizards that bite not poisonous but can cause bad infections. Snakes. Not so many bugs. There are bugs but you don't breath them. Still mosquito netting to sleep with. Six nurses in my tent. We have guards at our door.

Temp is 53degress 80 during the day.

They are trying to open roads to the coast. Don't know yet if I'll be going there. Depends on Dr.Wright.

Oh we had an 'aftershock' as we debarked.--you call 5.5 aftershock I'll call it earthquake. Like rolling on a small ship in the sea. I just laid on the ground and hoped a fissure didn't open under me.

The president doesn't want us here but shs has no choice she is a bitch,

Flowers and creatures here including big cats, but more out in the mountains; though that's close by.

You're all in my thoughts before I go to sleep.

Take care If you put me in prayers or just good thoughts have it be about no ore aftershocks. Thank you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So my friends my life goes from worse to unknown. Because I am a member of USA Trauma Unit and we have been called up to go to Chile. I am now waiting at the Detroit airport for my connective flight to San Antonio. Trauma Team 2 & 3 went to Haiti. It doesn't count that I got permission to go with Dr. Msc and DWB For 8 weeks. If I refuse to go I lose my spot. I have been sick with a respiratory viral infection but its about gone. Well enough I passed the physical to go.

Have no idea what am going into. Know there are still strong aftershocks, looting and gangs. We have a military escort but not the one on one that DWB had. They are stricter about work hours--8 on 12 off eight on etc.

Think of me. Won't know what city I'm going to until briefed in San Antonio. My baby who is twenty cried. Husband shrugged. Friends want me to quit but I worked long and hard to get on the best trauma team in the US not giving it up. Anyway may be good thing. Time to think. Conditions will be better than Haiti.

Just please no bugs. Will try to keep in contact but don't worry about me. I will be thinking of all of you.

Hugs to you all.