Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I am safe and sound at home. Glad to be home. This morning my boss' boss called me seems the Attending doctors over trauma had a bit of a tantrum at my treatment for my altruistic work.

He made me an offer to come back I could not refuse including a $2 an hour raise. Several new benefits. Will go in and sign the contract today. Yea me.

I have another week off to 'recuperate'.

On-the home front my daughter is happy to have me home. My husband is turning on the charm and the man oozes it anyway damn him. My problem is I still love him, but still separate bedrooms. I need time. Divorce is out of the question, I am NOT PAYING ALIMONY. The bitch had the nerve to call me and ask me to leave him. I believe my answer was 'Fuck you no wait my husband has been doing that.

Will now work on my internet things. let me know if i have missed your writings or anything in your life . My inquiring mind needs to know.

Missed you all.


GO TEAM USA(sorry my Canadian friends, I must remain true to my country. but I pull for you when the USA IS OUT OF IT.

Shaun White, Apollo Ohno and Evan Lysachek. They're my guys. And my ice dancers Davis & White.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Nine more nights to go then home to what? Haven't had much time to think about it. Usually just too damn tired.

The injured still keep coming though the clinic. many coming in with illnesses.

The health experts here are worried about a cholera outbreak as we have had several cases already. Had to send two nurses home that weren't vaccinated for it. Less and less staff as the Haitian disaster becomes old news. Plenty of supplies. Just not enough volunteers.

Not doing another stint though. Can't take it.

My day.

Go into work. On my feet 18 hours, at least do get an hour for lunch. Off then to the showers, Salt water to wash, clear to rinse. Spray body with bug spray. Get another nurse to spray back. Must be covered head to toe. Try to sleep. Sometimes can sometimes takes a while and I internet till exhaustion overtakes me. Get up and go eat. Have lost 15 pounds I didn't need to loose. Can see indentations between my ribs. I'd rather it come off my breasts but I never loose it there. My back would appreciate it though. Keep losing I may get down to that "perfect 24 inch" waistline. Which at six feet is too small,

Daughter says they had snow last night again. Its been several years since we have had any snow so we do while I'm out of country. Usually just cold.

Then I try to net again. Right now I am suppose to be sleeping. Am off until tomorrow at 3 am. Its a balmy 84 degrees right now. Dark. Humid. Sound of buzzing bugs outside my mosquito net.

They say violence is breaking out more and more throughout the city. Haven't been around any of that....yet, and I have Nick and he is armed and knows how to use all those weapons he carries on himself. Automatic and knife visible. Plus he tells me his body is a lethal weapon and having seen him in his T-shirt and seen the steel bulges in his arms I believe it.

Smell of death still clings to everything. And the BUGS never go away. No wonder there is so much disease. The whole country needs to be sprayed.

Trying to get to everyone's blog when since I can't sleep and don't like taking sleeping pill but in another hour I will or will be too tired and dangerous in the OR.

No praise, my friends...yeah yeah I am wonderful yada yada yada, send me normal tell me of your day.

Oh, and if you dare to be brave enough to walk around outside without a mask--little tiny black gnats try to fly up your nose. I HATE HATE HATE BUGS.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Worked last night. 18 hours on my feet in surgery, And still they come. If you have LiveJournal account my drama for the night is there I don't have the energy to re-write it. The link is on this page. Am awake after four hours of see because so hot. will go back to work at 8 tonight. BUGS BUGS BUGS> I am beginning to develop a phobias to them. Flying crawling hopping inching buzzing. Insert SCREAM LOUD HERE.

Miss reading your blogs will take time now to go since can't sleep if satellite holds up. Hope all of you are well. Only 13 more shifts to go then I am outta here. No amount of money, or begging will keep me. Family already up in arms for my second sign up but I couldn't let Dr. MaC down. He wants me to come to Yemen with him, due to the drought. He is already committed, but I'd end up divorced.

Children are grown. My husband has proven himself unfaithful quite a blow to find it out during all of this. Twenty years OF faithfulness, I feel like a fool. Divorce is out of the question since his parents are in their 80s and bad health. I love his Mom as if she were my own so I am stuck. So not having a good time here and nothing to go back to but broken dreams. Hell I might let one of the doctors talk me into staying or maybe go to Yemen. I just can't seem to care.

But this is my Vincent site not my crying site so sorry, I have to go through and catch up on all the goings on.

Miss you all and love your comments on the home front--normal, I crave normal. Think I'll go see a voodoo priestess. Buy some charms today. Maybe make his penis fall off. Since I won't be using it.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Still smell of death I imagine will linger for years.

Have lost 15 pounds in two weeks, ten I didn't need to lose. Can see the indentation in my ribs. SIGH.

Good news get three days off before starting second two weeks. My marine arranged water transportation to Jamaica a cabana with hot tub and private beach. Hot water and room service and hopefully NO BUGS.

Leaving this afternoon. Back in Haiti on Thursday morning then back to work and then home 19th.

miss you all. Love to you and yours. take care.