Sunday, August 31, 2008

Off again

For the last seven years my sister and six of her friends go fishing in Alaska each year. They decided to go tomorrow. All these women are married except my sister is now a widow. Only one of them actually fishes with my sister who loves it. The rest of them "FISH" for men.

My sister's best friend cannot go because her mom is ill, so again I am second choice...but I don't mind. I'm not looking to screw around and unless Vincent happens to be in Alaska and I can kidnap him for a few nights...highly unlikely.. And I love to fish and release so guess I'll be gone until next weekend so my caps and scripting are going to suffer. Promise to finish as soon as I return.

Will miss all my favorite Vincent sites, and by now you know who you are. Take care of yourselves, and I'll get caught up when I return.

Friday, August 29, 2008

If wishes were Bobby

If wishes were Bobby then this would be me grabbed lifted and pressed into the wall and not to be arrested though he can use the cuffs. I know the face of the woman is blurred. Insert your own there and imagine those strong arms around you those huge hands on you that very large body pressed against your own....

He grabs

He lifts

He presses, His hands on your arm

You're up against the wall in surrender...Let's use the cuffs

you disappear beneath his weight

Okay hubby looks like you're gonna get lucky tonite.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Am in between, trying to script and cap the last episode with all its angst. Have two new books am reading along with a needlepoint am trying to finish. Am on vacation from work and it seems more difficult to get my ducks in a row. Guess I'm having a time management problem plus I find myself easily distracted. My mind is mush. Do I need the adrenaline rush,the blood and guts of trauma to function normally? That's just sad. Since my creative juices are dried up, you get to look at the flowers of Wyoming. Which I finally got into Photobucket without having a nervous breakdown over that damn Adobe Reader and Firefox. I'm going back to scripting for awhile.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Back from the wilds of Wyoming. Spent our days at Yellowstone critter hunting. Thought a I'd share my experience. Of course we drove by Harrison Fords Ranch, cut his ranch house sit =s too far back in the trees to see. And both entrances have warning posted. The locals love him. He donated a fleet of top notch SUVs to the police department and when there he assists with finding lost hikers with his helicopter. However they do not like Calista. They call her the princess.

I love Jackson Hole. Will never make enough in my lifetime to afford to live here. Every street you drive down you are facing a mountain. It is so very beautiful. We went hiking at one of the large lakes and spent time as I said in Yellowstone. Thought I'd share a few pictures with you.

Clouds from the side window of her plane.

Shot of the Tetons from my seat through the cockpit window--the pilot was hot-dogging and came a little too close...My sister was furious and she will probably replace him. That mountain you see through that window has had a lot of crashes as plane bank to land. Crashes where they never found the plane going back to he 1900's. I any of you have flown into Jack Hole you know how scary it is.

Grand Tetons from the air

from the road

Coyote from side of road

Buffalo grazing on side of road

Bear in river

Trumpeter Swan


We came upon a group of professional photographers and a park ranger keeping everyone back about fifty yards from this grizzly mama and her twins. We really lucked up here. She completely ignored everyone searching for grubs.

Baby moose

Wolf shot across the Snake River with a telephoto lens.

Don't know what it is, crawled out of a hole in the ground and its cute,

and another one.

An elk buck in the shade about 50 feet from the road.

Tetons across a lake

Buffalo grazing on side of road.

Canadian geese with chicks.

1800's old ferry house, my sister and my daughter.


An eaglet in a nest built on a utility pole.

A doe outside my sister's condo.

Female moose


Just a few views

I will not bore you with the rest of them though they're beautiful I think. I will put them into Photo Bucket for anyone who wishes to see the flowers and the scenery or the rest of the critter pixs. Had a wonderful time.

Am on pins and needles worrying about our Bobby tonight.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


My computer hard drive has fried, Gotta love VISTA. I knew it was coming.. it kept telling me I had a low wireless signal when my daughter ten feet further away had no problem. Finally gave up and called support--India of course four transfers until I got an American who agreed with me after three tests, and is now sending me a new drive, thank god for warranties.

So it won't be here until the twenty-third, so am going to Jackson Hole. WY with my sister to her condo in the Teton Village. Sits at the base of the Tetons, great view, Moose come down to munch in the yard. She says we'll go wildlife hunting in Yellowstone. We snowmobiled thru there a couple of years ago. Now that was an adventure. It seems every time she and I go away we have "Adventures"

SO I shall be unavailable until the 25th. Will miss all of your blogs, will catch up once I'm back and my daughter switches out the hard drives.

There is so much chattering about Frame, so many ideas out there. I still stand by my opinion of Jo Gage, though she's murderer...we don't know whether she was sent to prison or a mental facility. They could bring her in for interrogation. Declan Gage is back for some reason. I don't know it could be another whole case file...the forum's are off in a completely different direction, so I'll just wait and see.

Will miss your blogs and thoughts and caps and creativity. And thanks to my daughter for the use of her computer.

Monday, August 18, 2008


So I saw his name listed on this so called movie-documentary and watched it, it listed Vincent in the credits. The few caps that follow are of Vincent sitting at a bar talking with a friend? That's it. No wonder this movie isn't listed in any of his credits. For anyone who has NetFlix and just must see all of Vincent he is sixteen minutes in an that is one long minute to seventeen minutes to see him.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Let me begin by saying PHOTO BUCKET DRIVES ME MAD. My computer savvy youngest offspring suggested I upload my photos using a six zero sequence, you know 000001 to say 000257 before each cap. I did this and lo and behold Photo Bucket actually uploaded them in the correct order. HOWEVER the mighty Photobucket cannot allow anything to be easy. Unfortunately if you have over 250 photos instead of putting them in order AFTER the first 250 they put them in the front. In other words 000251 thru 000257 start before000000...Here is where I scream again. SO next time I shall try to download the end and then the beginning.

Meanwhile away from the rant. Haven't watched this movie in years. Have seen various clips and caps throughout. Still made me cry and gave me a headache even though I was stopping and starting to cap. Below are caps of Robert E. Howard sans the Kiss, that one deserves its own slide show, below it.


Friday, August 15, 2008


My sister discovered her Passport was about to expire, YESTERDAY so our trip has been postponed till October. I have been killing myself working five nights week that's sixty hours, but she has promised to make it up to me by extending our trip to southern Italy.

Meanwhile, I am playing with Photo Shop trying to figure it out, I need a book called Photo shop for dummies who are too dumb to figure out the Photo shop for Dummies. My computer savvy daughter after my reading and unable to figure it out and asking her question after question, what does this mean? what is a ?? Now after hundreds of those questions she just looks at me and says "MOM" in frustration.

I mean if you want to frame a picture, why don't they just have a INDEX that says how to frame a picture. BUT have to go through hell to get to that point and then the different filters and head hurts. I did get two framed and somehow some kind of filter ended up on both of them, don't ask me how. I made a great slide show with nice extras and then discovered I have to go through Adobe Web site at ten bucks a month to put it on my websites. S C R E A M.........


Since I have the next two weeks off now and no plans I can cap to my heart's content. I have the Whole Wide World in my DVD waiting to be capped and up loaded to Photo Bucket. Then I'll finishing scripting and capping Siren Call. Does someone have a favorite episode they'd like to see scripted? Of course I still have ten other movie DVDs I've yet to cap and my lovely husband has ordered that little machine that converts VHS to DVD bless his heart.

And Music Wench if you happen to read this, still LOVE your site. Always makes me smile.

These are two of my favorite caps from Legacy...Jeffy pouts, "Now I'll never get in" and Bobby gives him that adult look of amusement at a child then shares it with Alex.