Thursday, January 29, 2009


Title: CROWD
Flavor: Criminal Intent
Rating: G
Word Count: 98
A/N: Bobby Goren

Memorizing and analyzing facts--his forte.
He’d learned at seven to compartmentalize his mind.
Little boxes for every fact and horror.
Space for all there was to live and learn and love.
Where his busy brain could select and analyze at leisure.

Over time compartments multiplied…exponentially in the last four years.
The doors fell open, choices seized,
Facts and horrors now all clamoring for attention.
Phantoms from his past, specters from his blighted future.

He, with all his knowledge, did not know how or if he could make the crowd retreat.

Close back the compartment doors.

Is this insanity?


val said...

I thought I commented on this, or am I going mad?

Anonymous said...

If insanity is to put sections of your life into different compartments, then every human being is essentially insane!

I'm not worried about the character of Bobby Goren turning into another serial killer because, unlike his biological father and his mentor, Bobby has a deep core of humanity.

Bobby is able to feel empathy for the pain and suffering of others--perhaps too much so--but it is that understanding and connection to his fellow human beings and the inner strenth of his character and integrity that will keep him ultimately safe.

So no, Bobby is not insane because he has both a heart and a conscience and could never, under any circumstances, betray he he is and what he stands for! Xeresa

Anonymous said...

Well done, I really like this a lot. Compartmentalization is a slippery slope. Sure, we all do it, and it can be perfectly normal.

But it can be extreme, and let people lead separate lives with different value systems, and/or do things they would not normally do, or want to do. This neatly explains why Bobby was able to shut out Alex from his life, during the six month suspension and the events in purgatory. He had effectively compartmentalized that part of his life, it excluded her, totally. When she sought him and found him, he was eager to get away from her, you could tell. She did not belong in that world, that 'box', that compartment, of his life.

As you write so well in your story!

Anonymous said...

After all he's been through, he's still standing, bless him. Bobby's fine; he's be even better if he'd let me love and look after him ;0)

Madi said...

Wow!! Very good!
It's been ages since I've read any kind of fanfiction :)

BASRIC said...

Thank you all, Val did you hit me at LJ? Anonymous has moved from Eliza to it again, Didn't say Bobby was insane or potential serial killer, just confused...which he is...and have removed the anonymous option. So you'll need to get a name.