Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another smile and a ?

Happy Wednesday to you all

So Mr. Goldblum dropped the bomb that LOCI will start in March. Called my friend after I read it and she checked and it still shows LOCI starting in May with In PLAIN SITE following it.

I truly pray Jeff knows something that hasn't been released--but don't make book on it just yet. I also got a chewing out from my friend such as "Don't you ever think about anything else".

I mean Well NO. Like what? What would be better? Please Anyone?

This smile is my very favorite one though its Vincent and not his alter ego Bobby.

And to those who claimed to be sick of waiting and wouldn't watch in the 2009 shows on THERELLVINCENED"ONOFRIO.COM I say there are some things in life that are worth waiting for. For LOCI is one. If its not your cup of tea feel free to go watch one of the crappy shows left playing on NBC.

A piece of a fax she sent me Note April then Spring. USA considers May as the start of Spring.

April 2009 Premieres Television Premiere Dates

New! The Unusuals
First season premieres on ABC on April 8, 2009

New! Harper's Island
First season premieres on CBS on April 9, 2009

Spring 2009 Premieres Television Premiere Dates
New! Chopping Block
First season premieres on NBC in spring 2009

New! Deadliest Warrior
First season premieres on SPK in spring 2009

New! Do You Trust Me?
First season premieres on CBS in spring 2009

New! Doing Da Vinci
First season premieres on DSC in spring 2009

New! Krod Mandoon And The Flaming Sword Of Fire
First season premieres on COM in spring 2009

Law & Order: Criminal Intent*********************************************************
Eighth season premieres on USA in spring 2009


Music Wench said...

It's worth waiting for but I'm still pissed at USA for making us wait and doing it in a very sucky way.

Ah but Vincent's smile always makes me feel better. :)

val said...

It's the smile in his eyes, not just on his lips...

I'd hope for March 28th for the premiere, as it's my birthday, but I want it to be earlier than that, so my VDO-loving friend's birthday on the 2nd will do instead!