Friday, January 22, 2010


Hello my friends.

Was off during the day. About to go in for an 18 hour surgical shift.

Today I couldn't sleep. Too damn hot. Volunteered my marine and myself to drive to the airport and pickup supplies. He's not very happy with me right now. Says I need to rest. But who can rest with so much suffering.

A group went out to the mass grave sites to pray over them. I didn't go. I do not wish to carry that imagine of bodies dumped into a mass grave with me.

We drove and sat at the beach for awhile. Beautiful waters. So much political unrest and corruption. They could have cleaned up the waters, stop dumping human waste there and all sewage and built a resort and made a fortune instead of most of the population living in abject poverty.

I heard one doctor say they are still finding children alive because they are used to going without food and water for days.

They had some beautiful fruit on stands we passed walking today, but we aren't allowed to buy or eat. They are a big health risk for us.

Dr. Mac was out and about this afternoon, too. It's hard to sleep during the day.

He's an ortho GOD. They call him the fixer because he does magic. Especially with backs and I speak from experience.

Here though due to serious infections out of forty patients 15 get amputations. He cuts. I stitch the flap over the bone and muscle and wrap it. Write the orders for care for the other nurses. Mac signs them. The worst is the children. They are so brave. I hate peds. Never work at home. No choice here.

Dr. Mac offered me a permanent spot on his team again. I can't though. I'd have to get a divorce for certain. Or he'd just kill me.

Most assignments are not this bad. This is the worst I've ever done with victims. 9/11 was bad, but in a different way.

Got to get ready for work.

By the way did I mention I hate bugs! ESPECIALLY GIANT FLIES.



Anonymous said...

It's an honour to know someone who's actually out there - despite the bugs!

val said...

They only ever tell people about the deaths, not the injuries. It's sobering to hear about them.

Music Wench said...

Wow, just caught up on your blog and I thank you for sharing your experience. My brother-in-law has been to Haiti and said it was dismal before and he can only imagine how horrible the conditions are now.

I'm with Diane, it definitely is an honor to know someone who is actually out there. I'm not sure I would be able to handle it on an emotional level, let alone dealing with the physical conditions.

And I abhor bugs. One of the reasons I don't miss living in Hawaii is the bugs. They can make paradise seem like hell so I'm sure in Haiti, it's so much worse.