Monday, July 21, 2008

Vanishing Act-first thoughts

Well I have decided to forgive Alex after this episode. Bobby was like a kid with all this magic, and she played right up to him, she even brought him coffee.

Of course, when the bad guy hit a bit close to home and Bobby took another wound, Alex stepped right up for him. Yes I have forgiven her. And he was so very adorable. Now I just have to wait for morning and Amazon to post it, so I can start scripting and capping it.

Yes, am back in total love with Bobby again. Russell who?


Anonymous said...

'Wound'??? *shrieks in horror* Haven't seen this yet, and am now gnawing my nails with worry....

BobbyG said...

I loved this episode. It was so good to see Bobby actually laughing out loud. He was like a little kid, explaining all the magic stuff and doing the magic tricks. As far as forgiving Eames, I don't much care for her anyway...never have. But if Bobby has to have a partner...I guess it might as well be her.

val said...

Grrr. You can only get the Amazon stuff if you are in the US. But WE are the ones who need it!

Music Wench said...

I was never mad at Eames so I don't have to forgive her. ;-)

It was a great episode! I am once again in love with Bobby. He was kind of getting on my nerves for a while there - ergo my affinity for Eames and my complete understanding of her anger.

But he was just so happy! So was she. Heck, even Ross seemed to have a good time on this one.

A nice respite from the angst of the season finale if what I hear is true.