Tuesday, July 8, 2008


After visiting MUSIC WENCH's site I wanted to respond to her thoughts and since she doesn't allow comments, and I understand why...I am going to comment here in hopes she may run across this.

I agree with almost everything you said and thought you said it quite eloquently with or without an outline. I loved the fact they gave them a case and let them solve it without personal angst for Bobby or the partners. I too disliked UNTETHERED but I loved Purgatory. Though Eames pissed me off...I believe she made a comment about Bobby not protecting her, but as in SIREN CALL he worked it so she was safely out of harms way.

Everything else you wrote was right on target, and anyone who hasn't visited MUSIC WENCH take yourself there right away. Her comments are intelligent and well written.

I am a fan.


val said...

I enjoy Music Wench's posts. I find it frustrating that I can't comment. She must have had a bad troll experience somewhere along the line. (I actually quite enjoyed mine!)

Music Wench said...

Thanks so much for the compliment. I tend to ramble on my blog sometimes so I am glad it's enjoyable to read despite it all.

Sorry about the no-comments but I had my very own cyber-stalker at one time and am hoping to have shaken him off but you never know.

If you all belong to either vincentdonofriofans.net or majorcase-ci.com, drop me a PM and I'll be glad to send you my email so we can chat. Just let me know who you are. LOL

val said...

I'm not a member of either. So many trolls seem to congregate on these sites and make nasty commetns about Vincent, so lots of us Vixens, especially in the UK, have bowed out.