Sunday, July 6, 2008


I hate it when people point guns at Bobby. Really I do

And One Potential victim the commercial announces.

Wait is that my arm forcing him into the bedroom to be tied to the bed to become my sex slave...Appears not. My loss. Someother woman with the ssme idea. Why else would a woman point gun at out lovely detective?

Oh no, Its just another maniac for our Bobby to talk down.


I finally discovered my blue gloved Bobby. Caption marked CONSCIENCE.
No watermarked signature noting where I got it. Found it by accident. Didn't realize Windows Picture had saved every single picture I ever borrowed caps or even I capped, even deleted ones. I knew I wasn't crazy. Well, actually I am.


val said...

Detective work to rival Bobby's.

Yes, he borrowed some gloves at the nursing home, didn't he, to squeeze the Phentanol (sp?) out of the patch.

PurpleVixen7 said...

Pointing gun at sweet and smart Bobby??WTF??She must be on something to do that!!
Oy..look the blue gloves!!
When we talking abot them,I just want Bobby with them and nothing else on him,maybe his bag!!;))

BobbyG said...

I like your take on the reason the woman is pointing the gun at Bobby...opens up the door for all sorts of fantasies, doesn't it? Am so glad you found the elusive blue glove episode. Stuff like that drives me crazy...I know I've seen where the heck is it?

Here's a toast, Basric, to a Happy New Bobby Eppy Night. I hope you're not working this evening.

Anonymous said...

Good catch!

Another Bobby Fanatic said...

I like it when people point guns at Bobby. It makes his..his.. well, his Bobby-ness launch into action. <3

Ha..I have that picture too. Every now and then I go picture-hunting :-).