Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love love love

I have been scripting and capping Siren Call and ran across a cap that leaves me breathless, and it isn't even a back or shoulder shot.

SO before I head out to patch up the gun and knife club and wade through the blood and guts at the trauma unit first I'll gaze upon the MAN with eyelashes, curls at his nape, heavy lidded, hot cocoa eyes and a mouth you just want to bite.

Damn it after viewing it, surprise surprise photo 'pain in the butt' bucket chopped off his curls. So here is a nice plain cap without the love marks--see curls. A a bit of Shoulders too.


val said...

He is simply stunning.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes, if you chose 'Large' slidehow format, Bucket chops off the picture. Try using 'medium' - just a thought.

Doesn't matter anyway, he's adorable!

Music Wench said...

Such a beautiful face!

BobbyG said...

I thought I commented on this earlier today, but guess I looked and then forgot. Anyway, love his curls and his yummy eyelashes.

PurpleVixen7 said...

A perfect proporcional face,and pretty,too!!Simply amazing!!