Thursday, July 3, 2008


Many moons ago I discovered a cap of Bobby in blue nitro gloves instead of latex and remember wondering at the time if our beloved detective had developed a latex allergy...but the white latex returned. I saved it, but then accidentally deleted it. Now it is driving me if anyone remembers the episode please drop me a line. I have searched the always reliable sites of Velocity of Vincent and Strangevisitor to no avail.

Meanwhile since I was looking I capped his beautiful hands covered in latex stretched tautly over those large hands and long fingers (& let me tell you from personal experience its not the shoe size ladies its the length of those fingers.) Thanks to the two sites I borrowed from, I eventually will get my own done and stop borrowing.

NOTE: for anyone who may wonder the blue and sometimes purple gloves are latex free...and very expensive so that's why we're still stuck using latex in the hospital, except for those who have allergic reactions to latex and when administering chemo.


Anonymous said...

I don't recall him ever wearing anything but ordinary latex at a crime scene, so can't help (sorry).

He does have THE biggest, most beautiful hands I've ever seen in my life.

BobbyG said...

I'll keep an eye out as I review the old episodes, but it may take a while before I find it. Some of the others may find it first. Anyway, thanks for the 411 on the length of fingers vs. shoe size "debate." Looks like Bobby has it covered either way. LOL Oh, and nice selection of photos.

val said...

I don't recall blue gloves either.

And am I out of line for suggesting it's the size of the penis that counts, not the feet or the fingers :)

PurpleVixen7 said...

Blue or other color..hmmm..I don't really pay attencion,just I see Bobby's huge and lovely hands in latex!!Bobby+latex-keep my naugthy thougths alive!!