Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been home three days but had to work each night with noi downtime for writing.

My sister decided to fly first class instead of using her private jet. Why does it seem all flights into Europe have to go through Amsterdam? And we got there in barely enough time to run and make the flight to Paris.

I am not a big fan of the long white tunnels going to board planes so it always takes me by surprise when you disembark into the clear tunnels in Paris. I wish all airports were like them.

Stayed only a couple of hours in Paris before my sister rented a car and we headed North, We made one stop in a small town that she wanted to order some wine from. Doesn't look like much from the outside took the underground tour for wine tasting. Personally none of the reds did anything for me. They sold whites upstairs but they were not on the tasting tour.

Then through the border guards into Switzerland.

One of The city's claim to fame is the carved stone statue representing the Swiss Mercenary Guard who have died...the same that protect the Pope.

Then their covered wooden bridge, centuries old with paintings on its ceiling. I believe one of the people around us said part of it burned at one time I couldn't here when, perhaps on of the wars but it was pretty.

There were views...

she was there to shop for the specials oils and scents they specialize in creating for the individual. Beside that we walked and ate and played tourist. Spent the entire time their until we headed back to Paris for the flight home. She promised to bring me with her to tour Italy in the spring. I was ready to be home after a week. would rather be writing about Bobby. Have missed you all.


val said...

Wow, what a trip!

You have to go to Italy, with ther though - after all Vincent's family is originally Italian...

Music Wench said...

Thanks for sharing those photos! Nice to have you back.

Italy is awesome. My brother-in-law and his wife spent the entire summer there. They plan to go again next summer and are even thinking of buying a home there.

But we're happy to have you back. :)

fuzzytweetie said...

I envy you on the continent. What should I do this weekend? I think I'll go to Paris, or maybe Rome.....but then again I might try Greece. Hummmm, I hear Germany's nice this time of year. Spain, that's it , I'll go to Spain!LOL

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back!

val said...

Don't kill me - I've taggedyu on my blog.