Wednesday, September 24, 2008


In the Final scene of Frame so very filled with bobby angst, there is still something wonderful for every discerning Bobby connoisseur.

Starting at the top we have his curly hair at just the right length front and side views:

His beautiful brown eyes even if they're filled with sorrow:

With eyelash appearance:

His very kissable:

Dry lips that need moistening with a bit of tongue:

His neck scruffy and ready for nuzzling:

One massive shoulder, though bent in sorrow:

The Back..enuf said:

His front and his back in the mirror love these double shots:

Python sighting???

The man's hand:

His size 13's:

And thanks to the interview room mirror...Double Bobby:

And the final shot of the scene and episode, you just want to wrap yourself around him and kiss and make it all better:


Lozzie Cap said...

I just ADORE Declan's expression in the screen shot where he too thinks he may have spotted The Python.

Lovely selection of pictures. Goren looked especially hot in this last scene, even if he was all filled up to overflowing with sad.

SIGH How much longer till season eight ..? SIGH.

val said...

It was truly a great episode with a fantstic denouement.

Music Wench said...

Wonderful aria! I just want to give him a hug and make him feel better.

BobbyG said...

You captured it all, Basric. His beautiful, wonderful, captivating expressive face and ALL the other bits of Bobby thrown in for good measure. While others are more mesmerized by the "Python," it's the tongue that entices me more. Although, make no mistake, I do enjoy me some python, too. LOL

That scene was a veritable smorgasbord of Bobby emotions. You broke it down for us perfectly. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

He's simply mesmerising, even when he's 'prowling' along the interview room wall - and it was SO kind of the python to 'pop up' and say 'hello' while poor Bobby was being emotionally battered.

PurpleVixen7 said...

Don't you just want to comfort that huge teddy bear of man!!
When I saw it,I wanted to really good "beach slap" that grose old man!!And then hug Bobby very tigth..kissing his cute face..caressing his hair;and telling him he will get try this,and that he bigger than this,and things will get better!!