Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vincent Oh Vincent

So here I am unable to sleep, the results of working 7p to 7a. I am bored bored bored. Don't feel like writing though my MCS serial killer lusting for Alex is calling to me...don't feel like scripting and capping though IDENTITY CRISIS waits patiently on my desktop. I need to make a few new icons--too bad. I did force myself to download PLAYING DEAD into PhotoBucket so hurray for me.

So when I'm bored, I browse Vincent. This time I browsed through my folder containing all the caps from his movies--some I capped many are Eliza's--Thank you very much...since I haven't made time to cap all of them yet. As I browse I copied out some that just caught my eye, cropped most all but Vincent or his character (sorry Eliza, but I give you full credit for all mine and yours; I don't know now which is which and am too tired to go back and look.

Now here are the few and why they stood out.

This if you know me is self-explanatory--oh my, that back.

Nice clavicles. I'd like to take a marker and connect the freckles on his shoulders.

Just a pretty face. A YOUNG pretty face. I feel like a cougar for what I'm feeling.

This just makes my pulse pound--and my heart stutter.

Played a BAD man, but those arms...(BTW in the movie her nipples were erect. When you are dead your nipples can't be erect)

And speaking of biceps...we did a little iron pumping before this shot...

The man's so flexible...

Pre-Bobby cop.

Now I'm juiced up...think I'll go wake hubby.

Good night.



Anonymous said...

Sorry you couldn't sleep, but you put your time to good use! I don't blame the nipples for being erect by the way ;0)

jazzy said...

dead or alive, at ANY rate my nipples would have been MOST erected, too! (not to speak about other body parts)

val said...

What a lovely selection. I was squirming after going to Eliza's, now I'm at it again!

havers said...

What for wonderful pictures to start a Monday Morning after an interesting week end.

fuzzytweetie said...

Just proves his sex appeal.....even the actress corpse can't control herself. I would have flipped him over and fucked him right there!!!

Eliza said...

Funnily enough, I'm perfectly happy for you to crop the pictures, especially when you use them like this ;-)

The watermark thing has never been something I'm happy about, and if it wasn't for you-know-who I wouldn't do it at all..I hate spoiling great pictures