Friday, May 16, 2008


For some unknown reason I decided to watch my copy of Dying young. I don't know why, I dislike Julia Roberts ... immensely...

No,I lie. I do know why, I am pathetic, I watch it for Gordon aka VINCENT D'ONOFRIO, the very few scenes he has. And especially the Christmas dance...the way he's looking down at her with pure desire; while her character, the fool, is looking for another while his arms are holding her. Oh foolish woman now is not the time to give up your taste for construction workers...

Meeting at the bar

'See here's where the cold air's coming in, I can fix that, come feel'

Playing Jeopardy

Construction working

Lunch at Estelle's

The maze 'the clock is ticking';'are you lost?'

Invited for Christmas dinner

Victor gets drunk on morphine and whiskey and becomes belligerent

And so Victor gets put to bed by Gordon, and Gordon leaves 'remember if you need me'

She goes to the Christmas party with Gordon but is looking for Victor

The Dance

The LOOK (I just want to bury my fingers in that hair and eat him alive.)

The exit So off she goes leaving him standing alone on the dance floor

He needs a volunteer for comfort.....My husband says I can't; I can only comfort him. But I can fantasize.

Thanks for the caps Velocity of Vincent.


Eliza said...

Funnily enough my husband says I can't comfort Vincent either...darn :-)

I skip through all the non V scenes in this fact I only watched it all the way through once,when I first got it

val said...

You mean there are bits of the film apart from those Vincent is in? There's a storyline and a plot? Wow!

Anonymous said...

I'm single - I'll 'comfort' him until we both collapse from exhaustion ;0)

I have no patience with this movie (or Julia Roberts) apart from Vincent's bit...and I LOVE all of Vincent's bits with a passion!